CO-CREATE MALMÖ – a mini-festival on how a city can learn together

Co-create Malmo festival

Design by: Cris Argüelles

The world is changing and so is Malmö. But there is no blanket solution for the changes we are at the doorstep of.

More and more people see that the challenges can only be met if we share the resources we carry together and learn to create together: the public sector, the NGOs, the grassroots, informal groups and corporate sector. In a rapidly changing world the ability to try and learn together is key. How can Malmö be a city that learns together?

During 9-11 may several events in the city will focus on the practice of co-creation and cross-sector action-learning.

Many of us that work with participatory processes, involving many people in driving change in organisations and communities, belive these skills are really important for Malmö. Especially in this time. So a few of us choosed to offer a learning space under a common umbrella – the mini festival Co-create Malmö!

Check out the workshops below or at

Collaborative learning for systemic change 9 May 13.00-15.00 Niagara, @Medea, Malmö University

Introduction to Radical Collaboration 10 May 09.00-11.00 @Magdalena Musiala

Everybody co-creates! – introduction to practices in working with complex challanges in Malmö 10 May – 13.00-17.00 Underverket @David Ershammar/Omtänk

Urban explorers and how to re-claim spaces 11th May 17.00 – 18.00 STPLN @The Connectors Society

Local development for inclusion 11 May 13.00-16.00 Ängelholmsgatan 1A, @Centrum för Publikt Entreprenörskap

Many invidviduals are involved in hosting the workshops. We are glad to have change-leaders from Canada, Scotland, USA and Zimbabwe joining us! Would you like to contribute in a future festival, let us know!


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