Why our future is up to us

Artikel från https://eand.co/its-up-to-us-to-create-a-better-future-9fabdbcc243f

(Umair Haque, 10 maj 2018)

When I look around the world these days, what strikes me isn’t just a lack of progress, but a blinding lack of vision. Dissatisfaction with the status quo. A sense of disappointment with how modernity turned out. Disillusionment with yesterday’s ways, ideas, systems, institutions. Anger and despair at elites, the powerful, the prosperous. Despair at impotence to fix it all. Would you say that’s a fair if crude and inexact summary of the world today?

Then let’s do a quick survey. Who has an agenda, plan, way towards a better future? One not so wracked with all the above? Can you name a single organization that does?

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