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It is inspiration week for me and I will like to share some few things that is currently shaking our world. I am sure many of you are already aware of the events that are happening and shaping up our world view. And again, I reckoned many people would agree with me that, the year ”2016” will be remembered as one of the historical moments in world events and our time. We have seen the rapid increase in violence and the growing disrespect for human rights across the world. Notable events I can recollect includes:  the deplorable conflict in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere in the region and not forgetting Africa, the sporadic terrorist attacks in western Europe and elsewhere in the world, the refugee crisis in Europe, Brexit, the spread of Zika virus, the threat of nuclear North Korea and recently, the Famine epidemic which is impacting many developing countries as of right now. 

We are also witnessing the global political arena, shifting and moving at a fast pace towards a new paradigm which is causing fear, anxiety, illusion and confusion among the global citizenry. A common example to merge with this notion includes, the controversial American elections where we have witnessed the unpopular and unprecedented political campaigns in modern history. The America first rhetoric championed by President Trump which has now taken a strong foothold in many European countries with the populist agenda growing steadily. Due to this discourse, nation borders are tightening up and to be a war refugee or an ordinary immigrant nowadays, makes one a criminal or a terrorist and not welcomed. What has gone wrong? What has happened to the morality of the world? Have these Nations forgotten that most of the conflicts and unrest confronting the world is as a result of failed global policies and top ranking schemes. I was hoping the refugee crisis in Europe should have been handled collectively and equal sharing. But what we saw was a complete chaos and divided EU over this issue. The crisis could have been handled and managed properly if other European nations had emulated and follow the examples of Sweden, Germany, Greece and Turkey who have taken in a larger number of these refugees. But because of unanimity consensus and agreements in European capitals, equal sharing and distribution of quotas were not agreed upon, which in my opinion could have help slow down the burden.

Fake News

And in the midst of all these problems, now we are entering into the era of FAKE NEWS endemic and the spread of misinformation as well as Russia cyber attacks in the west, thus, distorting the truth from newsreels reports whilst feeding the public with fictitious information which are carefully crafted and presented as the real deal. Again, thanks to President Trump for championing this term, which only goes far to confuse the public more. Let us not kid ourselves, there has always been a suspicion of the media about the news they report, but it has now been made worse as a direct result of the spread of fake news and misinformation. The presents of the internet and various social media outlets, fake news is now spreading like a wile fire and in essence, it’s like a pestilence spreading uncontrollably and hard to stop.So what is fake news?  How can we detect and stop the spread of fake news? Where can access real news? What are the dangers of these endemic? I think these are all crucial questions we have to start asking ourselves.

Well, there is hope, following a recent report i saw on TV, the creator of the world wide web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has unveiled plans and measures on how to tackle data abuse and fake news. You can read about the report on the link

Facebook and other tech giants are also creating various algorithms which can detect fake news before there are being spread on the internet. But again, according to Sir Tim’s report, ´´certain algorithms can also favor sensationalist information designed to surprise or shock users rather than reflect the truth and can “spread like wildfire”. It will be interesting to see where this is leading us to.


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  1. August

    Tack för dina tankar, det spinner vidare på delar av det vi diskuterade på träffen i februari. Det blir intressant att se hur framtiden utvecklas för traditionella medier på internet, som en del av motreaktionen mot “fake news”.
    Jag läste nyligen om Pankaj Mishras bok “Age of anger”, som handlar om hur upplysningstidens universalistiska ideal hela tiden har mötts av kraftiga motreaktioner. Dagens motsättningar kan också analyseras som en del av denna pågående strid, här är en längre text i The Guardian från december:

    Om boken Age of anger i Svenska dagbladet 13 april, apropå attentatet i Stockholm:

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